• Currently casually employed as Rural Reporter at ABC Mt Isa, shadowing Eric Barker
    • Prepared and presented Rural Report (NW & W Queensland)
    • Experience in sourcing stories and relevant rural content for Mt Isa and North West Queensland area
    • Published rural stories for Rural Report, Country Hour, and ABC Rural to national ABC radio and online platforms
    • Additionally, published for programs, features, and news.
    • Passion for ABC values and rural content, with previous experience as foreign correspondent – developing problem solving in remote areas
    • Sound editorial skills, able to source and analyse rural and regional issues



    ABC Southern Queensland (Toowoomba)        August 2018–September            Rural

    ABC North West Queensland (Mt Isa)                                                                Journalist

    • Prepared and presented Rural Report
    • Extensive experience in QLD Country Hour, ABC Southern Queensland/North West Queensland, and ABC Rural; in production and reporter experience under Executive Producer Jodie Gunders (Toowoomba, QLD) and Eric Barker (Mt Isa, QLD)
    • Training and experience in ENPS, Netia, production and studio booth and recording hardware
    • Additional published experience for programs, features, and news
    • Published social media content and admin
    • Television, live-cross, radio, on-location, still-photography, and online content production experienced with strong editing skills in all platforms


    JACdigital (Jaipur, India)                  October-Sept 2017     Foreign Correspondent

    • Mentored by ABC foreign correspondent Bruce Woolley
    • Produced stories in radio, television, photography, and online in Jaipur, India as a foreign correspondent internship.
    • Faced challenges in research, interviewing, on-location reporting, and post-production editing – learning deadline, problem solving, and team-working skills.
    • Selected for scholarship by GPA and previous work examples.
    • High content production over short time-frame
    • Stories can be found on


    Change Makers Project (Logan)       2012-2018                   General Reporter

    JACradio/JACTV (Brisbane)           

    West End Magazine (Brisbane)

    Semper Floreat Magazine (Brisbane)

    Gold Coast Bulletin (Gold Coast)

    Blank GC magazine (Gold Coast)

    Juice FM (Gold Coast)

    Radio Metro (Gold Coast)

    Rabbit Radio (Gold Coast)

    ilivelocal magazine (Gold Coast)

    CVCTV (Connecticut, United States)

    State Magazine (Dublin, Ireland)

    Alive FM (Dumfries, Scotland)

    Love Leeds Radio (Leeds, England)

    Connemara FM (Connemara, Ireland)

    • Experience in news production, interviewing, researching, script-writing, investigative, music/review, photography, on-location reporting, media statement writing, and assistant producing.
    • Produced and presented “Weird and Wonderful” (weird news stories from around the world) radio show bi-weekly, sent to Rabbit Radio, JACradio, and Connemara FM (Ireland).
    • Produced “Trending” TV segment for CVCTV (United States)
    • Online news coordinator for Alive FM (Scotland) and Love Leeds Radio (England).



    Change Makers Project (Logan)       2012-2018                   Political Cartoonist

    Blank GC (Gold Coast)                     

    Friday Flyer (Gold Coast)

    Semper Floreat Magazine (Brisbane)

    Blirt Magazine (online)

    Love Leeds Radio (Leeds, England)


    Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens (Gold Coast)

    U Bar and Pizzeria (Gold Coast)

    AND Loans (Melbourne)

    • Experience in comical and political cartooning, as well as design illustration. Learnt working to deadlines, editor requirements, and building stories around current news issues.
    • Head Cartoonist for Blank GC magazine (Gold Coast) 2013-2014



    JACTV (The Rundown)                     2012-2018                   Media Producer and PR


    Radio Metro

    Gold Coast Bulletin

    Oman and Arabic Society

    Underground Theatre Productions

    CVC TV


    • Strong production experience in video content, editing, and online/social media promotion.
    • Coordinating media and public relation strategies as Publicity Manager for Underground Productions 2013-2015
    • Experience in working with international staff and societies on stories created for video.
    • Previously hired by UQ for media creation, editing, and filming.
    • Trained and experienced in wide variety of technology and media equipment and strategies.
    • Strong developed problem-solving skills regarding filming technology, media creation and promotion.




    University of Queensland (Brisbane)          

    Bachelor of Journalism

    • All courses completed
    • Journalism and Communication Society (JACS) First Year Coordinator 2014
    • SJC Change Makers Project 2014-2015
    • Proficient in Adobe, Windows and Mac OS Platforms, Tricaster, Cannon 60-80D, 100XF, graphic design (including infographic), and data mapping software.


    Bachelor of Art (Political Science, Japanese and Drama)              Exp. Nov 2018

    • Political Science major, Japanese and Drama minor
    • Working proficiency in Japanese language
    • Experience in public service (state government)
    • Underground Theatre Productions Publicity Manager 2013-2015


    Ellis and Associates (Gold Coast)                 current as of 2018

    First Aid and Lifeguard Licence

    • Experience in emergency situations
    • Employment as a senior lifeguard and first aid responder
    • Vigilance, Focus, and Concentration Award 2017 and 2018