Kemii’s cartoon work is best recognised in “Drawing a Blank” (Blank GC Magazine) and the Daily Cartoon (Friday Flyer). Her main influences are political cartoonists Jon Kudelka (The Australian) and John Shakespeare (Sydney Morning Herald).

As well as cartooning, Kemii has also worked in graphic design (Underground Theatre Productions), animation (Think 101), charity campaigns (British Hedgehog Conservation Society), and was head illustrator for fantasy and gaming company Order of Cloak and Dagger.

Her work and projects have won awards such as Ozzie Award 2014, Undies Award 2014, and nominated for the Queensland Multicultural Award 2014-15. Underground Productions’ “Pillowman” poster has currently been nominated for the 2015 Clubbie Award.

Since 2010, Kemii has been studying calligraphy and handwriting. She has been commissioned for event invitations, murals, as well as Celtic embossing and pages. Recently, Kemii has designed a Celtic page from the Book of Kells illustrations this year.

Kemii’s work has also been commissioned for Love Leeds Radio (UK), U Bar and Pizzeria (Gold Coast), AND Loans (Melbourne), Blirt Magazine (USA), Underground Theatre Productions (Brisbane), Rabbit and Cocoon (Miami), and Semper Floreat Magazine (Brisbane).