Kemii is an Australian journalist and illustrator – best known for her work in Australia, Ireland, and the UK. Her work has been published, recognised, and awarded in radio, television, online, and print media. She also branches into PR, advertising, and theatre.

She is best known for her “Drawing a Blank” cartoon in Blank GC Magazine, award winning (Ozzie Awards 2014, Multicultural Award Queensland nominated 2014-15) illustrations for the Change Makers Project, as well as photography published with Underground Theatre Productions (Best Poster 2016, Short + Sweet Queensland Best Poster 2016).

Kemii has recently travelled to Jaipur, India – learning foreign correspondent work under former ABC foreign correspondent Bruce Woolley, as part of the 2017 Colombo Plan for the University of Queensland.

Currently studying a Bachelor of Journalism/Bachelor of Art (Political Science, Japanese, and Drama) at the University of Queensland, Kemii is eager to gain experience in all fields.