ABC journalist, currently working in Mount Isa

Hosting ABC North West Queensland Breakfast, regularly working with ABC Drive and Australia Wide team. Featured on ABC News 24 and 7pm News.

What Kemii does

Need a story told?

Kemii has high-quality radio and digital skills, regularly creating feature packages for national platforms, news stories as well as hosting and producing live and engaging radio.

Kemii’s TV features have highlighted stories in health, government and outback issues shown on ABC 7pm News and ABC News 24.

Kemii’s humour is poured into cartoons for magazines, advertisement and more recently, ABC Rural’s 75th Anniversary.

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Major stories in 2020

In 2020, Kemii produced multiple-platform stories that broke new ground in how Aussies were adapting to the pandemic. These are a selection of headlines from stories Kemii broke this year, that were taken nationally:

  • Private property causes dilemma with tourists trespassing
  • Night-parrot study finds species can’t see well in the dark
  • Gambling helpline skyrockets, as customers ask for help logging on to online gaming accounts (featured on Charlie Pickering)
  • Town of 700 people loses their only doctor amid pandemic
  • Company sends representative on flight, despite having a COVID test that morning