(They Came From) Esk: a NaNoWriMo novel

Kemii is participating in NaNoWriMo 2016, writing “(They Came From) Esk” – a dark humour novel.


Esk, a country town without a Clancey. Clancey, a country man without a clue. A collection of humorous and odd-ball stories deriving from rural Australia.

“Anyone who likes the writing of James Herriot will enjoy the humour of (They came from) Esk!”


Apart from the usual lost-mower and avocado prices, the bulletin board did show up one unique note. It read:

“Hi. My name is Daniel, I am 34 years old seeing female for more than friendship. Seeking someone not high maintenance, good looking, between the ages 29-36. Am clean, I have my own car. Ph: 0417 996 543 soon.”

There aren’t many women in Esk, but I enjoyed that Daniel kept his options open to a few of them in that age range. Not to mention, there are only two Dans.

Suddenly, I felt a slightly wet, furry heat slowly rub-up against my shin. Looking down, it was better than expected – the most grotesquely fat beagle I had ever seen. It’s eyes drooped in only the way to show they were bigger than its belly. My heart melted as I bent down to pat, subsequently making the usual, clearly-masculine “ooh, aww” moaning.

The owner, an older lady with long pearls and thick glasses walked behind. She seemed to nod at my almost tear-filled eyes, stroking this barrel on legs. Her frail mouth slightly opened, wheezing in slowly. “COME ON, DICKHEAD!”

To the dog, that was. And off Dickhead went. Wagging his tail, holding his cholesterol and head high.

I couldn’t understand this town. I had a feeling I never would.

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