“Watch This Space”: an animation collaboration, written by Jack “Space” O’Brien, illustrated by Kemii Maguire.


Opening Title


  • TITLE: “Watch this Space”
  • Speed illustration on black card, with stars.


Title First Draft. With speed animation, we could do something along these lines – taking inspiration from “Lead Balloon”, to look something like this. Sorry about the quality – was filmed on my phone with one hand (copyright free music used for the sake of this video).


Brainstorming of Cartoons




Tested cartoon styles on-top of each other, as they would in final copy (only a tester)


  • “Watch this Space” title?
    • Using old nickname
    • “Spâce”?
First go at water-coloured chair


Things I like:

  • Using the scarf/coat to drape over the chair – for an item (skull, Captain America shield/mini TARDIS/Raven) be put on it/caught up inside it each episode.
  • Using different styles: watercoloured chair with cartooned Jack sitting on top?
  • This style (cartooning wise) takes on a bit of Footrot flats, Leunig, and Kudelka – which I think would really work for this (more versatile)
  • Opening video may be effective.
  • It’s cute.


Collection of brainstorming sketches.


Shittily-Drawn Permanent Watercolour Chair?


Things I like so far:

  • Wavy arms to illustrate character
  • Scarf, or an eccentric item of clothing


Things experimented with:

  • Sitting on bookshelves
  • Scarf or cool jacket to cover mouth (would possibly make talking or character easier and more interesting to look at?)