Black Milk: What happens to the dairy industry when the lights go out?

Having no power, such as the state-wide power loss in South Australia this month can be stressful, slow, and costly. Storms and power-outages are an everyday worry in Australian life. Usually, the most people will lose is the warm milk in their fridge. But what happens to everyone else’s milk when the power goes out?

Promise of Continued Funding for Dumfries Arts

Generous levels of funding for Dumfries and Galloway arts will continue despite a change in management, reassures the head of the Scottish Government arts agency Creative Scotland. Artists from Dumfries and Galloway wrote a public letter to the press last December pointing out that Creative Scotland had shifted its focus from the central belt toContinue reading “Promise of Continued Funding for Dumfries Arts”

Unobtainable Commodity: Australia’s Ginger Industry

Australia is being targeted as a key export market for mature ginger from Fiji, as the first consignment of 20 tonnes left earlier this month. Poor production yields in recent years caused by disease problems and bad weather has placed significant pressure on Australian growers, some of which have indicated that a continuation of theseContinue reading “Unobtainable Commodity: Australia’s Ginger Industry”

£10m Health and Wellbeing Project Online

A new online service that will help people link up with health and wellbeing services in their local area was unveiled on Thursday. The £10 million digital health, care and wellbeing project Living it Up (LiU) technology matches an individual’s needs and interests with professional information, local services, and beneficial activities and events in theirContinue reading “£10m Health and Wellbeing Project Online”

Dunfermline Man Jailed for Sex Offences against Young Girls

For a catalogue of sex offenses against young girls, James Trigwell was sentenced to 5 years 4 months imprisonment and placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register today in the High Court in Glasgow. The 28 year old had earlier pled guilty to a total of 23 offences against numerous girls aged between 13 and 16Continue reading “Dunfermline Man Jailed for Sex Offences against Young Girls”

Smoke Detector-less Kitchen Results in Three Causalities

A kitchen fire in the Ibrox area of Glasgow has erupted in the early hours of this morning, resulting in 3 casualties that are recovering in Southern General Hospital. Initial reports of a fire were received from within a 4 storey tenement building at around 1am. Fire-fighters quickly discovered that there were persons still withinContinue reading “Smoke Detector-less Kitchen Results in Three Causalities”