Easter Bunny Cancelled: Embarrassed Australian Cricketer’s wife Candice Warner plays best April Fools joke of all.

“Why are you crying, Mummy? And I was like – y’know – I had to make up an excuse. So I was just like, “Y’know, I spoke to the Easter Bunny and he’s not coming.”

Wife of suspended Australian Cricketer, Candice Warner told News Corp today in an amazing jape to the kids just in time for the April 1st Easter Sunday

“It’s really hard to explain it to your kids.”

Luckily, the joke saved face of husband David Warner’s recent scandal involving a ploy to scuff the ball illegally in the third Test between Australia and South Africa.


Image result for candice warner crying
David and Candice Warner, having already bought overpriced organic chocolate in advance of Fools joke. Courtesy: NDTV Sports


David warner has apologised for the ball-tampering incident; however, it is yet to be released whether he will be chocolate-eating with his kids after the massive reveal.

Watch the full story here: https://au.news.yahoo.com/sunrise/video/watch/39690529/candice-warner-speaks/


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