Better the Devil you Grow

A time where the hot weather is receding, and eggs are eaten for breakfast (not the poached kind), our minds aren’t quite directed to the garden. However, as everyone was having a Good Friday, did you know you should have been planting up?

The Devil’s Herb, also known as Parsley, is believed should be planted and propagated specifically on Good Friday – as the Devil won’t be about on that day. Where he’s believed to be hiding however, you’ll just have to look at whoever’s open on the public holiday.

If you’ve missed your chance to plant, don’t worry – Parsley is also as hard to seed on the rest of the long weekend. The herb aptly acquired its name as it has to go “six times to Hell and back before it sprouted”; of which no Parsley variety is exempt from the title.

But there IS an antidote to this – if, when you’re planting the seeds, you swear and abuse them and stamp on the ground, they become more fearful of YOU than the devil – and grow quickly! Well, gee – it’s worth a try!

Ann Creber, food consultant and author

Soaking seeds in water with a touch of dish soap for an hour, as well as planting seedlings indoors – allowing for three weeks of germination – should help your Satanic herb army flourish.

There are some druid beliefs for Parsley also, if you aren’t a Christian follower for Easter. Some “witches” believed eating the herb three times a day would increase fertility. Or when in doubt, place a sprig on your forehead to heal the worse of chocolate hangovers.