Smoke Detector-less Kitchen Results in Three Causalities

A kitchen fire in the Ibrox area of Glasgow has erupted in the early hours of this morning, resulting in 3 casualties that are recovering in Southern General Hospital.

Initial reports of a fire were received from within a 4 storey tenement building at around 1am.

Fire-fighters quickly discovered that there were persons still within the property and were immediately committed to enter the building to search for casualties and extinguish the fire, wearing breathing apparatus.

One casualty was quickly located within the common close and led outside the building, whilst a further 2 casualties were found by fire-fighters still inside the affected flat on the 2nd floor and had to be carried to safety.

All 3 casualties were suffering from smoke inhalation and received oxygen therapy from fire-fighters until the arrival of Paramedics before being transported by ambulance to Glasgow’s Southern General Hospital.

The fire was extinguished using a hose reel jet, and initial investigations suggested that the fire started in the kitchen of the flat and that there was no working smoke detector within the property.

A fire service spokesperson said kitchen fires are amongst the most common type of incident that we attend.

“All too frequently these fires result in injury and death, and cooking whilst under the influence of alcohol increases this risk considerably,” a fire service spokesperson said.

“A working smoke detector will give occupants a vital early warning when a fire does
occur, and greatly improves the chances of getting out safely.”

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service provides free home fire safety visits and can fit smoke detectors where required. If you or someone you know would benefit from this service, please call their freephone number: 0800 0731 999, text “check” to 61611, or visit their website at

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