“Touch Me Bat Boy” (It’s a quote)

This musical goes hands down into the best show I’ve seen. By the writers of Legally Blonde: the Musical, comes Bat Boy: the Musical – a dark comedy following Edgar, the half-bat-half-man discovered in a cave. It has been described as “very black, bordering on inappropriate”.

Although your mind is set immediately to Batman, there’s no grand mansion or spandex involved. In a backwards town, villagers take Bat Boy to the local vet, Dr Parker, and the story follows the family as they introduce him, train him up, and push Bat Boy back out into society.

This musical has everything from comedy, horror, rape, incest, romance, gospel singing, to a half-goat with fantastic abs. We had the pleasure of interviewing Dr Parker played by Christopher Story a few weeks ago on #Hashtag – and after swooning like the fan-girls we are, it was fantastic to see the show come to life following what we’ve been hearing behind stage.

In the small survey we took on the night, Ricky – the boyfriend to lead character Shelley Parker and played by John Viscay-Wilson – seemed to be the pick actor of the night. However, no one could refuse Patrick Aiken’s acting skill as Bat Boy. The makeup, transformation, and comedy of Edgar really brought the show to life.

Produced by Underground Theatre Productions at the Schonell Theatre in Brisbane, it made a fantastic night and it will be exciting to see what they have next.

•Kemii from #HASHTAG, Thursday’s 5-6pm

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