Congratulations to Scotland’s Wimbledon Winner

After winning the Men’s Final at Wimbledon in three straight sets, Andy Murray was congratulated by Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond.

Salmond said it was a truly phenomenal victory.

“Andy’s determination to win was visible in every point and he delivered an outstanding result in a real clash of tennis titans,” Mr Salmond said.

“His phenomenal performance against the world number one displayed incredible physical prowess and depths of mental fortitude.”

The shouts of “Come on Andy” were ringing all the way from Dunblane to SW19.

“Last year Andy Murray won the hearts of Wimbledon, this year he has won the championship and on today’s form there will be many more victories to come.”

“Novak Djokovic displayed typical grace and sportsmanship in defeat. But Andy has firmly secured his place in Scottish sporting folklore.”


Published on Alive Radio


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