Sun Sets on Glenloch

With over 10,000 private gardens shared to the public each year, Glenloch opened this weekend for what will be its last for a three year retirement period.

Glenloch owner and Open Gardens Australia chairman Caroline Tolmie says she’s due to retire in June, and has been chairman for two and a half years.

“There’s so much reward sharing your garden. I think gardeners are wonderful people,” Ms Tolmie said.

Since the late 2012 Cyclone Oswald, Glenloch has recovered well and is beginning to restore its ecosystem.

“We weren’t hit nearly as badly as our neighbours – they had about $20,000 worth of work to repair their property.

“Owls got blown out of their nests; and so I was running around out in the howling winds lifting them up and putting them back with their parents again!

“We also get hares that run across the property, which you’ll see we have a bronze hare on a big rock.”

Gold Coast local Remy Brooks enjoyed her first visit to the Open Gardens, and said it was something she would attend again.

“The surrounds make it a great day on a sunny weekend like this,” Ms Brooks said.

Open Gardens Australia aims to promote the enjoyment, knowledge, and benefits of gardens and gardening in the Australian community.

Over 500 gardens are open each month across Australia, and continue to be open on Mt Tamborine this weekend.

Picture: Young love blossoms in Glenloch as Remy Brooks and Sam De Redder attend Open Gardens


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