Gold Coast Shows Its Pride

A weekend Mardi-Gras festival is in development for 2014 by local independent organisation Gold Coast Pride, in an “iconic venue” of the Gold Coast.

The aptly named, Gold Coast Pride Festival will replace the former Gold Coast Gay Day – cancelled six years ago due to lack of funding and loss of the Parklands showgrounds.

Samantha Stenberg, member of Gold Coast Pride, said that a venue or date has not been set due to complications, but is aimed for a date after Brisbane Pride.

“Gold Coast Tourism are keen to market the event. Supporters so far include The Closet Night Club, and many non-profit organisations associated with the local gay and lesbian community with more to be announced,” Ms Stenberg said.

Secured talent include leading DJs, models, and performers from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast – including local gay supporter, DJ Sammy.

Gold Coast Pride Festival aims to bring the “pink dollar” to the Gold Coast and surrounds, as well as promote the local gay and lesbian community through tourism and supporting businesses.

Gay local business owner, Jason Degasperi said that the event would be great for business.

“It was a real shame for the previous Gay Day to go, and it would be great to see something like this again,” Mr Degasperi said.


For ilivelocal magazine


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