Space Race at Yuri’s Night

Over 60 visitors of all ages took part in the Yuri’s Night events hosted by Dumfries Astronomy Society (DAS) at Dumfries Museum on Saturday 13 April.

Although the weather was too cloudy for stargazing, there were plenty of interactive activities for families including building and launching fizz rockets, making a planetary glider and an “Ask the Astronomer” session.

The astronomers were posed some challenging questions including; “Do aliens really exist?”, “Why is the night sky black?” and “How fast is the Universe expanding?”.

DAS members Nigel Sheridan and Mike Perry presented factual and humorous answers including the response to “What should you do if you meet a Spaceman?” – “Park in it man!”

The night ended with a mass test flight of the planetary gliders from the museum balcony.

The annual event celebrates Yuri Gagarin’s first manned space flight.


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