Launch of Overhead Lines Training Course

Overhead Lines Technician Training Course officially launches at Dumfries and Galloway College on Friday 19th April.

The course – the first of its kind in Scotland – has been developed to meet the anticipated demand for local technicians as a result of the upcoming £2.6 billion upgrade of the National Grid.

The upgrade is being made possible by the growth of renewable energy in the region, meaning the grid must be upgraded to carry the extra green energy.

As well as creating new jobs, the upgrade is planned to put an end to most of the power outages caused by bad weather that have plagued Dumfries and Galloway in recent years.

The launch has been welcomed by South of Scotland MSP, Joan McAlpine.

“It’s great that the region is seeing such substantial benefits as a direct result of the Scottish Government’s ambitious renewable’s policy,” said Ms McAlpine.

The Scottish Government is on track to reach its target of 50 per cent of Scotland’s electricity demand met from green power by 2015.


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