Cockling Patrols on Solway

Illegal harvesting of cockles along the shores of the Solway has caused Marine Scotland Officers and Police Scotland Officers have been stepping up patrols and sharing information.

Patrols are targeting areas of the Solway where intelligence from the public and historic information suggests poaching may take place.

“The Solway has been a rich source of income for those who carry out illegal cockling and the force is keen to assist Marine Scotland to proactively patrol likely areas where the cockling occurs. We are also able to share information and intelligence about who is carrying out this type of activity, when they are doing it and where they are doing it,” said Constable Laurie Irving, one of the police officers currently assisting Marine Scotland with their patrols.

“The public are a crucial part of this operation and we rely on their local information about what is going on in their communities.”

A Marine Scotland spokesman said “Marine Scotland Compliance now has a significant presence in the Solway area and is working closely with Police Scotland.”


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