Efforts to Restore Power Continue

The Scottish Government is continuing to co-ordinate efforts in response to the impact of the severe weather across Scotland.

Transport Minister Keith Brown has chaired an additional Scottish Government Resilience (SGoR) meeting this evening and has received updates on infrastructure, transport and local responses.

With heavy snow having caused disruption across the UK, energy companies are continuing their efforts to restore power to homes without electricity. Actions include a special chartered ferry to Campbeltown to get around the blockage on the A83 carrying generators to replace lost supply in that area.

Local co-ordination teams are in close contact with all partners including local authorities, the NHS, utility companies and the emergency services to ensure the safety and welfare of vulnerable people.

Transport Minister Keith Brown said, “It’s good news, that so much progress has been made during the day today but clearly significant problems still remain for affected areas particularly the continuing loss of power.  All partners are working very hard to restore power and to support those affected – particularly the most vulnerable – but it’s clear, significant numbers of people will still be without power tonight.

“I remain in close contact with key stakeholders as efforts to restore normality continue. I would like to offer my continuing thanks to everyone involved, including emergency staff, mountain rescue, volunteers, power companies, Transport Scotland as they continue to clear the roads, and those ensuring the vulnerable are being properly supported.

“We have also asked the UK Government for a derogation to HGV drivers’ hours to ensure that fuel, food and gritting salt can be delivered without delay once roads are open in the affected areas. This is of particular importance to the farming community, before delays in animal feed deliveries cause a welfare issue.

“The Scottish Government’s Resilience team and Transport Scotland’s Multi Agency Team (MART) will continue to coordinate response and recovery activity throughout the weekend and offer assistance where possible.  A further SGOR meeting will take place tomorrow morning.”


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