Thousands of Hours Benefits D&G

4 759 hours of unpaid work were completed in January and February 2013 as part of Community Payback in Dumfries and Galloway.

Included in the projects, are Litter picks in Dumfries Town Centre, beginning work to grow vegetables and fruit for distribution through local charities, and garden maintenance for Newton Stewart Community Hospital.

Even using the minimum wage of £6.19 per hour in the calculation, this unpaid work represents the equivalent of £29,458.21.  There are also eleven people currently on personal placements with charities, usually working two days a week.

Chair of Social Work Services, Councillor Andy Ferguson said, “Unpaid work is just one aspect of Community Payback Orders. The orders are set by the courts and can be tailored to each offender.

“The hours of work carried out since the turn of the year cover a wide range of different tasks.  I am sure that these projects help to make Dumfries and Galloway a better place to live.  We had some good responses to our community consultation, but we are always happy to hear your suggestions for unpaid work. Phone 030 33 33 3000 and ask for Criminal Justice community workshop in either Dumfries or Stranraer.”


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