Water and Coastal Art

This year’s exhibition programme at the Tolbooth Art Centre, Kirkcudbright, starts on 6 March with the opening of an exhibition of paintings on a water and coastal themes by Kate Kerr.

Kate was born and brought up in Dumfries and Galloway and has lived all her life in the region. She is constantly inspired by the variety of landscapes from coast to upland.  Having been a vet for over thirty years she changed direction, and indulged her passion for the arts – developed through flower arranging. She went to art school in Dumfries where she gained an HND in Art and Design.

She is drawn to the drama of coast and moving water.  Kate said, “The seashore has special allure.  There is the primordial rhythm of waves washing the shore; the ballet of sandpipers running and dipping in the water’s edge; the attention-seeking calls of oyster catchers, the never-ending gifts of flotsam and jetsam and the interaction of moon with tide.”

“Seaweed inhabits the transition zone between the land and sea; they are algae and differ from plants in that they do not flower, have no roots, leaves or highly organised tissue for transporting water and nutrients.  Their simplicity and sculptural qualities attract me.  They are ubiquitous, have many uses – as a source of food for humans and animals, used in fertilisers, medicines and cosmetics etc.  Seaweed plays a major part in Scottish culture and heritage, particularly in times of austerity.”

Kate also commented that, “Recent scientific research shows that seaweed has a role to play in major issues such as fossil fuel use reduction and the fight against obesity. My artworks record at the water’s edge as well as linking people, place and time through seaweed.”

Kate Kerr’s exhibition runs in the Tolbooth until Saturday, 16 March. The Tolbooth opens daily from 11am to 4pm., and there is free admission.

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