Sanctuary a-Buzz

Open Gardens Australia has once again welcomed its visitors to Tèarman Garden in Highvale, Queensland last Sunday 24th February. Pronounced “tay-a-mun”, the title is an old Celtic word meaning ‘sanctuary’. The garden houses a variety of native bees and plants, creating a buzzing Australian environment.

Ex-farmers Barbara and Robert “Bob” Luttrell said, “Our basic plan was to plant most of the block with native species indigenous to the area with rainforest species along the northern boundary, eucalypt association species across behind the house and along the southern side of the block – hoping to restore the habitat value to wildlife”. All this, they say, is at the expense of grass.

Many areas are starting to assume a natural look. Plants have been chosen largely by their interest to native birds and stingless bee colonies, as well as dozens of species whom visit over the year.  Bob’s lifestyle is determined by the time, research and work that he puts into the stingless bee colonies; as he also creates all bee boxes in Tèarman Garden.

“We awake to their “buzz” each morning as they love the Salvias – thus the topsy-turvey nature of them to provide their special spot”.

Fruit and bush tucker trees have been included through all plantings and will develop in future years. Along with the planting of development flora and fauna, the Luttrell’s aim now is to reduce their carbon foot-print as their garden designs will take new inspirations of environmental cooling.

Tèarman’s motto is, “Cool our planet, one backyard at a time”.


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