Rescue Training Horse for Dumfries and Galloway

Dumfries and Galloway Fire and Rescue Service has purchased a life-size horse rescue training mannequin to compliment the Service’s new front line equipment, rescue training and procedures for providing a specialist rescue response to large animal rescue incidents in Dumfries and Galloway.

The horse, supplied from Wales, is the height of an average large horse and weighs 200kg. It has fully moveable limbs and will be used to further enhance the skills of local fire-fighters.

All operational personnel receive technical training to the Animal Awareness standard. They are also working with local horse owners to give them practical and hands on training with a variety of horses. The assistance of local horse owners and riding establishments is on a purely goodwill basis.

Practical training includes basic anatomy, safe approach, putting on head collars and lead ropes, leading a horse safely, as well as removal of horse rugs, saddles and bridles. This is then followed by a demonstration of how to evacuate horses safely from their vehicles and how to load and unload horses safely. Many of the techniques demonstrated can be used with other large animals such as cattle, deer, llamas, and sheep which are found in the area.

In the period from 2 July to December 4 2012, the Service was mobilised to 26 animal rescues. 12 were large animals; namely 3 cows, 8 horses and one wild deer trapped in a steel gate. No charge is made for attending large animal rescue incidents where the animal is in a life threatening situation or is in a situation causing that animal to be in distress.

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