Next Stage of Gretna Water Investment Commences

Scottish Water is launching its next stage of a significant water investment program in the Gretna area.

The £131,000 upgrade to the water supply will further enhance water pressure and enable development in the area by increasing the size of a critical section of pipe which flows from the service reservoir serving the historic town.

Project Manager of Scottish Water, Les Bell announced that Scottish Water’s delivery partners, Farrans, will be shortly starting work to replace a 370 metre section of pipe which leads from the service reservoir towards the town; and when replaced will increase pressure in the network.

“The service reservoir serves around 2700 people. There will be a required overnight shutdown of the water supply which we will give local people 48 hours notice of.”

Scottish Water has mailed a customer information pack to all customers. The pack contains an electrical earthing leaflet, a copy of the guide to our water mains improvement programme, a special needs/business requirements form and a reminder card to hang on the kitchen tap.

In 2010 Scottish Water completed the first phase of the upgrade – the £1.6million project enhanced water pressure and enabled development in the area. 50 extra properties could be added to the water network after the work.

At the time, Dumfries & Galloway Council’s Gretna Masterplan called for the provision of significant extra housing in the area. Scottish Water held detailed discussions with council officials and developers on how to improve the provision of water in the area and came up with a selection of improvement projects.

Bill Elliot, Scottish Water’s Regional Communities Manager, said: “It has taken some time to get to this stage and I would like to thank the Council and the local community for their patience.”

Across Scotland a massive water mains renewal project is taking place in the 2010-2015 period, with over 4,500 km of water mains being renewed – the distance from Paris to the North Pole. Elliot commented that, “It is good to see smaller communities like Gretna benefiting from this investment.”

Customers with any questions should contact Scottish Water by calling the customer helpline on 0845 601 8855 and quoting “Gretna water upgrade”.


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