Apocalypse: Take 3,608

If you are thirty years old, you have lived through 64 apocalypse predictions. Our newest end-of-world event: the Mayan Calender Apocalypse, a calendar of which is believed to end in 2012 signifying the end of the world. I can’t help thinking that this seems to make life insurance ads and Christmas decorations a bit redundant until the 21st of this month. As we stock up for the role play version of ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’, there remain people who are yet to be convinced; of which happen to include the Mayans themselves.

Mayans are a native Mexican group living in the Yucatan Valley, with a population of approximately 800,000. As revealed in an Associated Press report, one Mayan woman quoted, “Why get panicky? If something is going to happen, it’s going to happen”. In some cases, it is also said to be the start of a new life, and not the end of our own.

Considering the fact that with the inconsistency of our Western Calender, resulting in the galactic alignment (or end-of-world) having already happened in 1998; facts should probably not get in the way of our tally for apocalypse predictions (if the Higgs-Boson collider/black-hole theory is anything to go by).

Thus, we must ignore the tedious closing down sales of rug outlets and say hello to a bright and wonderful 22nd of December, Christmas, New Year – and most importantly – The Hobbit screening.


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