Chocolate: the new cocoa

With the festive season waddling closer towards us, it’s time to cap on our thinking hats for those last minute, cheap, and knick-knack gifts for family, friends, and that friend of a friend who you don’t know will be turning up or not. As I flicked through December’s Vogue Australia Magazine today (by-passing the full-page photo of Black Caviar’s posterior), I happily noticed ridiculously-coloured macaroons and “one-bite-fits-all” chocolates are the new fashion of gift giving. From the GFC to the anti-climatic Carbon Tax, any excuse is sufficient to break-out the baking streak in us all and get in the Christmas excitement! Twenty-twelve has seen to a romantic walk down memory lane in vintage design, and has somewhat accumulated at the end of the calendar. Thus, almost every gift-wrap I’ve seen has adorned a nineteen-forty’s tinge. However, I am personally biased by pre-adoring this fashion era of big curves, bold colours and sexy statements; and so, I look forth onto my quest to find homemade gifts and décor that reflect the brilliant combination of vintage and technology for the festive season.

Although searching through magazine and Google pages as frantically as Joe Hildebrand can provide one with useful ideas, I return my décor wish-list to my local Pottery Society visit last Sunday. There, I found Australian flora infused with vintage style that created a new world of DIY. Ideas of gumnut wreaths and miniature pinecone Christmas trees may not be new, but they’re certainly worth a revival (as well as also aiding as a stop-gap between Myer’s winter-wonderland feel and the reality of the sweltering heat outside).

Trying to refrain from calling chocolate the new chocolate however, I have found a simple recipe for truffles from that I will be delving back into the kitchen for; and of which I believe will be a cute addition to this twenty-twelve Christmas.


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