‘The Traitors’ Review

(As published in the Gold Coast Bulletin 23rd October 2012)

“The prison was engulfed in noise, sirens pounding his skull, shouts raining down from the perimeter wall…”

 From the author of the “Darkside Series”, Tom Becker’s The Traitors is a thrilling novel set in a world where children and teens who have betrayed are sent to a timeless prison located in another dimension named “The Dial”. Inside, they are treated harshly by malicious guards. Adam Wilson has been sentenced after betraying his friend; and despite every attempt being stopped, is desperate to escape.

 Becker’s inventive and certainly capturing storyline kept me interested throughout each chapter, as well as the characters holding good morals for younger kids. The suspense of “The Dial” drew panic and anticipation. However, I did feel that the idea of betrayers having minimal recollection of their time served in “The Dial” did make their usually hundred year sentence redundant.

 Although the book is aimed for teens, I would recommend this book for older children and young teens.


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